January 21, 1994

The following interview of the late Abstract Expressionist Theodoros Stamos  (1922-1997) took place on January 21, 1994 at PTEfstathiou Fine Arts Gallery, New York.  The interview was conducted by Takis Efstathiou, Masaaki Noda, Bob Bianchi and Andreana Meyer.  

Stamos talks about his childhood in Part 1.

In Part 2  and Part 3  Stamos talks about the history of his family.

Stamos talks about when he began studying art in Part 4.

Stamos discusses why he became a painter rather then a sculptor in Part 5.

In Part 6 Stamos talks about life during World War 2.

In Part 7 Stamos discusses World War 2 and working in a frame shop on East 18th St, where he met artists like Leger and Klee.

Stamos explains the switching of careers from a framer to a professional artist in the early 1940's in Part 8.

In Part 9 Stamos meets Betty Parsons, Baziotes, and other Absract Expresionists.

A friendship begins with Mark Rothko in Part 10.

In Part 11 he talks about Jackson Pollock.

In Part 12 Stamos discusses his relationship with Kate Rothko.

Stamos talks about his first first trip to Europe, where he met Picasso and Brancusi in Part 13 and  Part 14.

Stamos talks about his involvement with the Rothko Case, in Part 15, Part 16, Part 17 and Part 18.

Lastly, Stamos closes out the interview in Part 19.